Summer Holidays 2108

Summer holidays 2018, usueful informaton

Finding reliable information on accessible travel proposals is not always easy for people with disabilities and their families.
This brochure is not a comprehensive collection of the many existing proposals, but it's an attempt to give ideas and practical information to our readers in order to provide suggestions and support.

The proposals contained in this publication are divided into different categories:

  • cities and regions of Italy
  • travel agencies and proposals abroad
  • resorts, apartments, holiday homes
  • group holidays with medical care

The organizations and structures reported in this document do not have any form of accreditation or agreement with Spazio Disabilità, which is not responsible for the quality of the services provided.

We invite readers to contact these organizations directly, highlight their specific needs and verify that they can be adequately met.

Enjoy your reading and have a good trip!


Summer holidays 2018, suggestions and useful information

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