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"Dopo di noi" in Lombardy Region

On June 7, the Lombardy Region approved the decree Dgr. 6674, implementing Law no. 112/2016 entitled "Regional Operational Programme for the implementation of interventions for persons with severe disabilities without family support". This decree means that the Lombardy Region governs the operational programme for the implementation of interventions in favour of persons with severe disabilities in order to implement, in concrete terms, what is provided by the national legislation "dopo di noi (after us)".

The decree is a concrete sign of the attention that the Lombardy Region has devoted to this theme. The Lombardy Region has pursued a participatory process of defining the procedures, welcoming many of the proposals expressed by the associations, managing bodies and the tersiary sector.

The resources made available for this expenditure item for 2016 amount to around 15 million euros and for 2017 about 6 million euros.

With this measure, the Lombardy Region today puts persons with disabilities (with their families and associations), municipalities and tertiary sector organisations (social co-operatives and foundations) in the right condition to create innovative life plans based on the needs and expectations of individuals and their parents and / or family members. Projects that are able to respond immediately to the needs and rights of many persons with disabilities and that can enrich and improve the overall regional system for supplying residential and community support as well as for the home life of persons with disabilities.

For more information please visit The Regional program Dopo di noi