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Mantua railwaystation

Mantua railway station

Piazza Don Leoni, 14
46100 Mantua (MN)

Useful links
For information on the accessibility of the railway station, please visit the RFI site (Italian Railway Network).
An assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility is available at the station; for information and reservations, please visit this link

Public transport
Opposite the station, on the other side of the street, there is a bus stop run by the APAM company.
For information on schedules and services, please visit APAM website

Parking area
In the square located on the right side of the station there are 2 parking spaces reserved for disabled pass holders and some parking spaces with parking disc.

The entrance has 8 steps (15 cm high each), which can be overcome by a sloping ramp on the right side of the main entrance. The inclined ramp (length: 35 meters, slope less than 8%, handrail on the left side) starts from the parking area, near the 2 parking spaces reserved for disabled pass holders; it leads to an automatic door (200 cm wide) from which you enter the ticket hall.

Ticket office
Counter height: 90 cm. Between the operator and the customer there is a glass and speakers are used for communicating between the parties. Automatic ticket machines are available and their keyboard is 100 cm high above the floor.

Waiting room
From the corridor of the ticket office you can go directly to Track 1, where the waiting room is located. The front door is a two leaf door (total width: 150 cm). The hall is wide and has chairs.

Toilet facilities
The toilets are located along the sidewalk of track 1. In both men's and women's toilets, there is a bathroom equipped for people with disabilities and a changing table for children. The men's toilet equipped for people with disabilities has the following characteristics:

  • vestibule with 2-leaf door (total width: 150 cm)
  • bathroom with sliding door (88 cm wide)
  • suspended washbasin
  • suspended toilet (45 cm high, clear space: in front 300 cm, on the right side 25 cm, on the left side 120 cm, handle on both sides).

All platforms are accessible to wheelchair users and are equipped with a raised walkway to access trains. There are also tactile routes for visually impaired people. You can access Platform 1 and the Platform 1 Tronco directly from the hall of the ticket office.
Platforms 2, 3, 4, 5 can be accessed via an underpass or alternatively using lifts.

The railway station has 3 lifts:

  • from track 1 to the underpass
  • from the underpass to tracks 2 and 3
  • from the underpass to tracks 4 and 5

The lifts have the following characteristics:

  • door width: 90 cm;  cabin: inner space 115x200 cm
  • Braille code and raised internal push-button panel (maximum height 120 cm)
  • visual and acoustic signal of arrival at the floor
  • Emergency bell.

Orientation signage
Orientation signage for visually impaired people; tactile paths and tactile maps that connect all the areas of the station (parking area, ticket office, waiting room, toilet facilities, tracks).

The public information systems of the station are:

  • paper (timetable for arrivals / departures)
  • visual (monitors)
  • sound.