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Moving by car

It’s easy to move by car in Lombardy, thanks to an extensive road network. Persons with disabilities equipped with disabled pass (a blue mark exposed on the car) benefiting from facilities for transit and parking. The mark is released by the municipality of residence.
The blue mark is strictly personal and can be exposed on each car in use for the mobility of persons with disabilities.
Since 2012 Italy adopted the "Unified European disabled mark" (Cude) light blue. It is also valid in all EU member countries.
The mark allows access to the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), and in some urban pedestrian areas.
The access into the ZTL areas are ruled independently by wach municipality. To avoid fines an sanctions you have to gather specific informations from every town you want to visit. Generally the access gates are equipped with cameras, you are then required to provide the vehicle registration number used by the person with disability.For information on limited traffic zone

Mobility Sector - Via Marconi 12 – phone: (0039) 030 2978643 - 8615 – 8644
(Monday to Friday from 9 to 12.15 and Wednesday from 9 to 15:45)
For information on the the blue mark for people with disability
For information on mobility in Brescia

To circulate into ZTL area it’ mandatory communicate the vehicle's license plate number used by the holder of the disabled mark, plus a copy of the identity card and the a copy of the blue mark.
Permissions release office - square Goisis 6 (Lazzaretto)
fax number (0039) 035 399885 - 035 399194 - e-mail: permessicircolazione@comune.bg.it
For more information

Some accesses to the Ztl area are electronically monitored by cameras. If you pass through one of theese gates you must submit electronically by fax, within seven days from the date of access, the vehicle's license plate number, a copy of your identity document and a copy of the blue mark.Permits Office - via Persian 31
Toll free number 800 189 780 - fax 800 189 590 - email: ufficio.permessi@comune.cremona.it
​For more information

Municipality - via Bertinelli (Old yard intoPalazzo Cernezzi)
phone number: (0039)031 252411 - e-mail: polizialocale.permessiztl@comune.como.it


To access the Ztl of the town of Lecco is mandatory to communicate the car's license plate to:
Fines Office of the Local Police - via S. Sassi 18
phone. (0039) 0341 481343 - Fax 0341 481344 - E-mail: contravvenzioni@comune.lecco.it
For more information

To access the Ztl areas you need to contact within 48 hours following access:
City of Lodi - Broletto square 1- phone 800 106 850
(Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18h and Saturday from 8:30 to 13).
For more information

To access the Ztl areas you have to comunicate to the municipality you car license number, the number of you blue mark and the name of the municipality that released it. You have to comunicate all theese informations prior to you entrance to the Ztl area.
Phone number 800 505454
For more information

Office Mobility Management and Transport - via Guarenti, 2
phone: (0039) 039 2832854 - Fax 039 2832847 - e-mail: contrassegniblu@comune.monza.it
For more information

To access Ztl area you need to contact the municipality within 48 hours. You have to comunicate your license plate number.
Piazza Municipio 2 - toll free number 800 896 940
For more information

Palazzo Pretorio - Piazza Campello 1
phone: (0039) 0342 526.221 / 228 - Fax 0342 526211 - E-mail: polizia@comune.sondrio.it
For more information

Local Police - via Sempione 20
Phone: (0039) 0332 809111 - email: polizia.locale@comune.varese.it
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