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Accessible Tourism

Should a person with disabilities be able to enjoy his/her experience as a tourist to the full?

Without doubt, the answer to that question is "Yes!"
It isn't merely by chance that tourist services have developed in recent years in a direction which focuses more carefully on the requirements of visitors, and that there have been considerable improvements in the accessibility of public transport vehicles and the infrastructures and services in general which are placed at the disposal of tourists.

Situations remain however in which accessibility is poor and not enough attention is paid to the needs of tourists with disabilities. For this reason, travelling, excursions and visits by people with specific needs have to be planned and organised with particular care and attention.

Lombardy Region, in collaboration with the main associations for people with disabilities, offers valid support for all visitors and tourists with disabilities and those accompaying them by means of its Lombardia Facile initiative, a website which collects data, information and useful advice for the most effective planning of a journey and excursion, a permanent service for people with disabilities and their families, as well as tourist operators, public bodies and society as a whole.

We aim to provide reliable, detailed information on the accessibility of public transport vehicles and places of interest to tourists, news of events and in-depth dossiers on specific subjects, while at the same time offering a dedicated personalised information service through a specialist back office team.

Lombardia Facile is therefore more than just a website set up for consultation purposes. It's also a service which is fully open to proposals and suggestions from those in possession of additional information, ideas and projects which they'd like to share.

The section of the website dedicated to leisure time and tourism is kept updated at all times by the editors and through outside contributions of new data and information of interest to people with disabilities and their families, as well as everybody else who wishes to play a part in making our region as welcoming and accessible to all its visitors.


Initiative conducted as part of the general program of action of the Regione Lombardia with the use of funds from the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.