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Place to visit

Lombardia Facile’s database contains information about the accessibility and the usability of the most tourist sites in Lombardy such as museums, monuments and churches for each province of Lombardy.

The valuation scale we adopted into Lombardia Facile's database doesn’t assign marks and there are not place with 100% accessibility level.

How do the research
Thanks to a search engine you can type the name of the specific structure that you want to see, or you can filter the sites based on the following criteria:

  • Type: church, monument, museum, art gallery, all types
  • Province
  • Municipality

After you get a list of places you can:

  • click on the name of the single structure, to open the description of detail and consult key information about its accessibility and usability;
  • click on the name of a column (type, province, municipality) to sort the search results.

For any further details on the contents of the fact sheets, an email to the editors of the site you can write.

Go to the search engine

The database contains objective and reliable information, collected by qualified and expert professionals, members of partner associations of the project. The experts went directly to each cultural site and they used a special form to detect data accessibility and usability of each place. Then, they summarized all theese informations in a descriptive detailed file for each places and structure.

Each card describes the characteristics of the environments and the services offered. It also specifys a set of objective data (number steps, door size, the visitor support services, etc.). Thanks to theese informations, each visitor can check if he can visit and access the place.

The surveys take into account the needs of visitors with physical disabilities, visual, auditory and cognitive.

The absence of information for a certain type of disability in the structure indicates that there are no services dedicated to it. For example, the absence of informations about supports for people with visual and hearing disabilities means that the structure is not equipped for them.

To get full confirmation of the correspondence between their needs and the characteristics of a structure, visitors with disabilities are warmly invited to contact directly the information desk of the place where they want to go. The survey activities of the cultural and tourist sites is ongoing: this database is gradually enriched.