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Lombardy without barriers, for everyone

Lombardia Facile (Easy Lombardy) has been created as a tourist information service for persons with disabilities in Lombardy and within the coming months, there will be an increase in the quantity and improvement in the quality of the information placed at the disposal of those using the service. But Lombardia Facile is more than just a specialist tourism website. Our aim is to systematically expand it to transform it into an information service covering every aspect of the lives and requirements of persons with disabilities. Not only tourism, then, but also education, employment, health care and assistance, sport, leisure time and culture, with the presentation and exploitation of the resources currently available to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities.


We aim to place all persons with disabilities in a condition to enable them to make their own life choices, as this is the first step towards achieving "full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by persons with disabilities", as laid down in the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. With this initiative, then, Lombardy Region makes a further contribution to transforming this aim into reality. We don't deny that there are still many problems to be resolved, and that there's still lots of room for improvement in terms of services and accessibility. Lombardy Region is committed to working with the local bodies and specialist associations to ensure that these improvements are brought about. Today, access to information, data and knowledge is as important as the supply of support, assistance and services, and full knowledge of any given situation is an essential condition for the most effective implementation of policies, which requires the activation of all the resources currently available in society with a view to ensuring the participation of persons with disabilities.


More than ever, our objective is to ensure that Lombardy becomes a Region which is able to break down the barriers and offer all the opportunities to which everyone is entitled.



Lombardia Facile, a Lombardy without barriers, a Lombardy for everyone.