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Territorial Network

SpazioDisabilità is working to build a Front Office system spread all around the Lombardy Region. It will consists in the following:

  • provision of support to the network of spazioRegione (the public relations office - URP - of the Lombardy Region)
  • creation of a network of 13 information desks belonging to different organizations (so called "local antennas") in the capital provinces of the Lombardy Region
  • support to the 260 information desks of the Lombardy Region that can already access the database of SpazioDisabilità to reply citizens requests.

Support to the network of spazioRegione
SpazioDisabilità offers spazioRegione workers support to reply complicated information requests, also through appointments with citizens in order to provide them personalized advice.
Since June 2017, a worker of SpazioDisabilità will beat each spazioRegione office once a month.
It is possible to view here the list of all spazioRegione and their contact details:
Citizens will be able access the service, addressing the spazioRegione of their area.
(In the annexe you can find the calendar of attendance).

Front Office at "territorial antennas"
SpazioDisabilità is about to start a front office service:
• in Milan, at the headquarters of LEDHA and UICI
• in the other 11 capital provinces of the Lombardy Region, at the headquarters of different organizations that already run local information desks.
Soon, the contact details and the information on how to get in touch with the 13 “local antennas” will be disclosed.

The regional information network
In recent years, SpazioDisabilità has created a network of 260 information desks, throughout the Lombardy Region, that can access and consult the database used by SpazioDisabilità to reply persons’ with disabilities requests.
Each citizen can find the closest information desk consulting the following link: www.spaziodisabilita.regione.lombardia.it/sportelli/db


Flyer attendance at Regional UTR

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