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Legal Notices

Lombardia Facile is a project sponsored and financed by Lombardy Region and carried out by the main Lombardy associations of persons with disabilities.

lombardiafacile.regione.lombardia.it offers information to tourists with disabilities and specific needs that lives or visits the Lombardy.

Lombardia Facile does not allocate any accessibility rating to the facilities and services presented by it. The database contains no points of interest which are classified as 100% accessible. It merely specifies the objective data on buildings and services (number of steps, door sizes, services supplied, etc), in such a way that each user may assess whether or not the facility is in line with his or her specific needs.

To obtain full confirmation of satisfaction of user requirements and the features of the facilities and services, we recommend that you always contact the centre or service provider concerned directly.

Lombardia Facile declines all liability for any inconvenience caused by the use of the information contained therein.

The contents of this website have been created by the associations taking part in the project.

Unless otherwise specified, the contents may be freely distributed and reused, on condition that the source is always quoted and the web address of the original page is mentioned.

Accessibility of this website has been checked by the O.S.I. Commission  (Osservatorio Siti Internet).
The Commission examined both the structure and the editing content of the website and declared it accessibile, although perfectible.
We thank those who want to report any problems writing to lombardiafacile.regione.lombardia.it.


Lombardy Region and the associations taking part in the project have no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of outside websites to which access may be gained through the links within lombardiafacile.regione.lombardia.it, which are supplied simply as a service to the network users.

For specific requests, please send an email to: lombardiafacile@regione.lombardia.it