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Basquiat al Mudec

Basquiat at Mudec

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a key figure in contemporary American art. Twenty years after his first posthumous exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art (1992-93), and ten years after the retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art (2005), this exhibition will show Basquiat’s central role in the generation of his peers artists and the function of his art as a bridge connecting different cultures. The exhibition at  Mudec - Museum cultures of Milan is curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Gianni Mercurio. With almost 140 works from 1980 to 1987, the retrospective exhibition runs through the short but intense career of Basquiat, which ended with the premature death at the age of only twenty-seven. With his direct, and seemingly childlike approach, he brought fundamental themes of human identity and the painful, unresolved issue of race to the attention of the wider public. Basquiat was an artist – unique in his time – who melded the all-consuming energy of New York with his origins scarred by slavery and diaspora.

WhereMudec - Museo delle Culture, via Tortona 56, Milano

From 28th October 2016 to 26th February 2017
Monday from 14.30 to 19.30
Thursday and Saturday from 9.30 to 22.30
All other days from 9.30 to 19.30

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Accessibility information
Reduced ticket for people with disabilities and free of charge for their companion. Audio guides are available. MUDEC has a large garage toll parking (179 parking spaces) on two floors (-1 and -2) served by a lift (door 90 cm, cabin 150x135 cm); 10 parking spaces are reserved for people with permits for citizens with disabilities. It is also possible to park in the immediate vicinity, Via Tortona, on the blue lines.

The main entrance has a threshold (3 cm) and two consecutive, double swing doors (width door 105 cm each one).

The museum is the result of refurbishing of the industrial area ‘Ansaldo’. It develops on three floors.They are connected by two elevators (port 90 cm, cabin 150 x 133 cm), aised control panel (h 113 cm), acoustic signal for arrival at the floor, emergency bell (h 113 cm). On the ground floor there are: the ticket office (bench h 121 cm), cloackroom (bench h 93 cm), there is a bistrot, the design store (double swing doors 232 cm and a counter h 96 cm); the ‘Forum delle Culture’ conference hall, a multifunction area, a classroom, a restoration workshop and an area suitable for children. The MUDEC Junior has a double swing door (260 cm), and is furnished with rounded tables with four legs (under-table clearance 68 cm), floor cushions and stools. On the first floor, around a large, central, roofed piazza, there is the exhibition area of the museum, which hosts the section with the permanent collection and the rooms (double swing doors 200 cm) dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition space is completed by an auditorium with 300 places (double swing door 224 cm).

Bistrot MUDEC is on the ground floor, on the left of the main entrance. It has a large room (seating for 100), furnished with squared tables with a central leg (under-table clearance 67 cm). Menus for people with coeliac disease, vegetarians and vegans are available. The “MUDEC Restaurant” is on the third floor. It has a room (seating for 90), furnished with squared tables with a central leg (under-table clearance 71 cm). The counter height of the cash desk is 117 cm. Menus for people with coeliac disease, vegetarians and vegans are available.

Also on the ground floor, in front of the wardrobe, there is an equipped toilet for people with disabilities. The bathroom door 83 cm, suspended basin (front space 80 cm), floor toilet (front space 107 cm, right side 121 cm, 22 cm left side, grab bars on both sides, hand shower on the left side of the toilet).

On the first floor, around a large central square blanket, it spreads the exhibition area of ​​the museum that houses the section with the works of the permanent collection and the rooms (double doors of 200 cm) dedicated to large temporary exhibitions.

On the first floor there is a bookshop (bench h 100 cm, double doors 198 cm) which is only open during certain shows.

Complete the exhibition space the auditorium with 300 seats (leading to two of 224 cm swing). On the second floor are the toilets, including one equipped for disabled people, has 87 cm door, floor toilet (front space 142 cm, right side space 32 cm, left lateral space 115 cm, handrails on both sides, shower toilet on the right side).

The restaurant "Mudec Restaurant", located on the third floor, has an elegant dining room (90 seats) overlooking the former Ansaldo area, offering unprecedented looks on Mudec; the room is decorated with square tables with a central plan (free space below 71 cm) and order (h 117 cm). The restaurant serves dishes of international and Mediterranean cuisine. Upon request specific menus for vegans, vegetarians and intolerant.