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Gardaland resort is totally is accessible to visual impair people

Gardaland resort is one of the most famous amousement park of Italy. Every day thousands of people (many of them from Lombardy)  of every age move to Gardaland for a day of funny, music, adventure and games. In the last period, Gardaland made some important steps forward to the accessibility of people with disabilities. From this year, in fact, people with visual disabilities will enjoy all the attractions of the park. It included roller coaster and the famous Colorado Boat, the world of corsairs and the Pharaoh Ramses temple. In some cases, structures are also accessible to guide dogs. Only an attraction will be unavailable (the Sequotia Adventure) since a complicated evacuation procedure is planned for evacuation in the event of technical failure, making it inaccessible to people with disabilities. You can find detailed informations here.

But the novelties are not just about blind and visually impaired. For some time - and after several controversy caused by the exclusion of people with disabilities from the main attractions of the park - Gardaland has started a collaboration with the social cooperative "Yeah" in Verona, which for years has access to accessibility, inclusion and accessible tourism.
Thanks to the Easy Rider service, people with disabilities and their families can book a guide that will accompany them to discover the park, facilitating the choice of attractions and shifts, helping them to organize the day. For an easier and more comfortable visit. You can enjoy the service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. The guide is dedicated to groups of minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants, and an extra fee of 5 euros per person.

The cooperative "Yeah" also cared for the implementation of the section "Guests with special needs" of the gardaland.it website, both in terms of structure and contents. Within this section, people with disabilities - physical, sensory and cognitive - and their families can find all the information needed to plan a day of fun and fun at the park without unforeseen or dangerous incidents. The guides contain all the information needed for people with disabilities to respond to the most diverse needs: from the accessibility of the parking lot, from the location of the toilets accessible to the possibility of renting free manual wheelchairs, to the list of attractions on which Access to people suffering from heart problems or spinal problems is forbidden. In addition, a special symbol indicates people with epilepsy, photosensitivity and who suffer from claustrophobia to pay close attention to certain attractions. Others, on the other hand, have complicated and prolonged evacuation steps in the event of a stop, for technical reasons.