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Seaside for everybody.

Vacation time, sea time. Finding accessible beaches for people with disabilities is not always easy because there is no nationally-equipped map of bathing beaches in Italy. The broad extension of the coast and the present reality makes it difficult to create an updated database. There are, in any case, various territories that report that they have planned a seaside resort accessible to everyone, even a short distance away from the major cities in the UK, and that they have made their initiative visible: the sensitivity on the subject is growing and so Also interventions to foster a fruition open to everyone.

General information
As a general indication, the resorts with large, sandy and flat beaches have, by their nature, less barriers than small, stony beaches and peaks on the sea: in the resort of the first type it may be easier to find affordable solutions.
The Internet offers the opportunity to find short messages, suggestions, and the ability to gather information based on other people's experiences. Useful sites in this regard are disabili.com (which has dedicated a detailed dossier to the accessible beaches of all Italy) and www.italiaccessibile.it
Another useful and reliable reference may be the "Village for All" site which guarantees, through certified information, permanent or temporary motor disability, sensory limitations, allergy and intolerance, elderly or dialysis, to choose a hotel, A bathing establishment, a farm, ... where to find affordable hospitality

Good practice
There are planty of bathing establishments accessible in all their aspects (beach, access to the sea, toilets, bars). We limit ourselves to pointing out some of the currently present proposals in some locations easily accessible by those who live in Lombardy.

  • Thanks to a convention between Veneto Region and Companies ULSS 3 and 5, the project "Social and inclusive tourism in the Venetian beaches" was launched, which aims to promote A culture of accessibility on the most beautiful coasts of the Venetian coast. From the portal you can find information about the single plants or the beaches accessible to Bibione, Caorle, Cavallino Treporti, Eraclea, Jesolo, Lido di Venezia, Porto Tolle, Rosolina Mare, Sottomarina.
  • Jesolo (Ve) - Nemo Beach. Born in 2014, it is the first lido dedicated to people with motor disabilities. It offers free of charge to people with disabilities and their accomplices 56 large pitches with umbrella and sun loungers. Possibility to use a free beachfront parking, specially designed to facilitate access to the beach. Presence of a lift that helps move from the wheelchair to the cot, rigid pitches that allow you to move easily, accessible toiletries and personal service available to assist you when needed.
  • All the beaches of Emilia Romagna are accessible for people with disabilities: since 2002, the Region has issued specific orders to that effect. Among the various experiences stand out from the one of Cervia (Ra) which, with its project "A Lifeguard for Friend", now decades, proposes patio amphibious patents for the beach and the sea, beyond To a qualified physiotherapist who deals with the person with disabilities to bathe in total safety. The service is free and can be booked at any time. Also worth mentioning is the "Autism friendly beach" project. It is a network of hotels, bathing establishments, bars and restaurants in Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico and San Marino, whose staff has participated in training and updating on the theme "culture and hospitality of people with autism".
  • "Tangram Beach" is the name of the universal shore on the coast of Follonica, managed by the social cooperative "Il Nodo". Access to the beach is guaranteed by a wooden walkway that runs along the property to the bar. Also around 15 umbrellas have been made as many pitches for greater accessibility for wheelchairs. In addition, two "solar beaches" were installed, accessible shade stations. People with disabilities can use free of charge two "Job" chairs and three other types to enter the water.

Plus, in order to better organize your holiday, you must collect all the necessary information before leaving. The Internet, from this point of view, can represent a useful resource for identifying accessible locations, contacts (phone and mail) of beach or hotel managers to contact for information. Aias Milano - an association that has been working for over 50 years to improve the health and quality of life of people with disabilities, with particular attention to the topic of free time - has drawn up a list of useful tips for those who want to organize a holiday in autonomy:

  • Be clear about what your mobility needs are and what are the indispensable requirements that a beach must have (also in light of any difficulties already encountered in previous seaside holidays);
  • write a mail or phone to the seaside resorts selected on the Internet to clearly, accurately and in detail detail all their accessibility needs, asking for confirmation that they can be met: there are tour operators who point out how many disabled clients do not expose themselves to Clear and detailed way of meeting your needs at the time of booking;
  • assess not only the technical data received from the operators but also the courtesy, professionalism, accuracy and accuracy of the responses obtained: an accessible beach is not only a matter of architectural barriers but also of the quality of the reception of the manager.

Before leaving, it may be useful to make a virtual tour around the streets around the hotel and the beach we've identified with Google Street View.