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Moving in Lombardy

This section provides useful information to people with disabilities about moving in Lombardy by plane, train, public transport, car and sailing on the lakes.


The sub-section Plane provides information on the four main airports: Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio and Montichiari. Also offers a guidance on how to arrive by car, by bus, by train to each airport. Each sections offers details about the accessibility of airports and the service hotline “Sala Amica” for passengers with reduced mobility; links to sections of the websites of the airports dedicated to passengers with disabilities.


The sub-section Train examines the issue of rail transport accessibility from three points of view: accessibility of the station; accessibility of trains; free assistance service for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility.


The sub-section Local transport provides basic information on the accessibility of public transport in each main town of Lombardy, with useful contacts and web references to explore the topic.


The sub-section Cars provides some useful information for people with disabilities to move around to stop marking in the car in many towns in Lombardy, with useful contacts and web references for deepening the theme.


The sub-section Lakes navigation provides some information on the lakes of Lombardy transport system ferries, hydrofoils and ferries, highlighting the tourist opportunities that flow from it and pointing out useful contacts to explore the topic.