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Services and contributions

There are numerous opportunities and initiatives promoted by the Lombardy Region, in accordance with local authorities, in favour of persons with disabilities in the social sphere. There are various acronyms, different measures and different people to whom these proposals are intended for. At the center is, and there must always be, the person with his or her needs, plans and desires: the person who, along with his or her family, must first know this variety of opportunities and be helped properly to navigate the regional social system. In order to know what to ask, to whom and how: to learn how to be an active part in the interventions that concern them. This section aims to provide persons with disabilities and all interested parties (family, support administrators, operators, administrators ...) a map of the services and opportunities available today in Lombardy, in support of projects of life and inclusion.

Network of disability services of the Lombardy Region


Active regional contributions:

Operational Plan "Dopo di noi" (After Us)

The approval at the beginning of June of the Operations Plan "After Us" was for Lombardy Region an opportunity to enrich, rethink, and redirect existing resources, responses and services for persons with disabilities.

ATS vouchers for persons insituations of severe disabilities (Measure B1)

ATS vouchers for persons insituations of severe disabilities (Measure B1).

Initiatives for the severly disabled and elderly in need of assistance (Measure B2)

The Lombardy Region has defined several interventions for persons in a position of dependency or severe disability provided by the Territorial Circles/ Municipalities with ISEE evaluation.


For more information:

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