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Lombardy accessible, Lombardy for everybody

To ensure that all people with disabilities are put in the condition of being free to choose their own life is the first step to "attaining full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms" as written in the UN Convention on Rights of people with disabilities.

With Lombardia Facile, Regione Lombardia, in collaboration with the leading associations of people with disabilities, offers access to a wealth of information and news focused on accessibility and the usability of the territory and its services.

This website is an information service that offers informations about all aspects of everyday life and every kind of need for people with disabilities: work, school, transportation, care and assistance, tourism, culture and sports.

Lombardia Facile presents in a clear way all the resources present in our Region enhancing the content and improving the knowledge of the services available and of all initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of disabled people.

Lombardia Facile is an on-line information service that represents an evolution of “Spazio disabilità”, a desk service, opened to the public offered for many years by Regione Lombardia. This service has been enforced and will continue to operate in Milan and in all Territorial Locations.

Our goal is to make Lombardy more and more a region able to break the barriers close to the needs of the citizens and to be able to provide the necessary tools to ensure that everybody can seize as many opportunities as possible A better quality of life.

All this is Lombardia Facile

Francesca Brianza
Assessor of the Income of Autonomy and Social Inclusion